What Makes for a Good Franchisee?

Many of us attribute successful franchise ownership to the traditional Type A personality maverick, someone with a vision who consistently sets trends and makes sizable profits while doing so. While aspects of this are certainly true, the reality itself is quite different, if only because of the nature of franchise ownership itself.

Franchising is the art of mobilizing a refined system in order to transpose the success of the original business onto your franchise. With this in consideration, the reality of franchise ownership actually functions in accordance with a logic that is the inverse of that outlined above. Rather than catering to singular, disruptive individuals, franchise ownership is especially suited to those who have no problem following the rules in order to achieve desired results.

However, following a proven system isn’t the only trait required of a successful franchisee. Here to lend a more comprehensive scope is a brief list of what constitutes an exemplary franchisee.

Calm and Collected

Successful franchisees know what is going on around them at all times. If something horrible is happening, they deal with it without panicking or overreacting. They have a gift for maintaining focus on what is most essential, while simultaneously fostering an environment of tranquility and peace for themselves and their employees.


Another welcome trait is the inherent understanding that action is not everything. Rather, franchisees understand the importance of benchmarks in evaluating employee and business developments and optimize them in order to achieve positive results. If there are specific elements distracting from the overall objective, an effective franchisee will change the plan or alter the approach in a way that is beneficial for every member of the team.

Customer Friendly

Let’s face it, owning and operating a successful franchise means that you will definitely be dealing with a lot of customers. Consequently, becoming a good franchisee necessitates a keen awareness of what business one is operating in. This entails the recognition that customers and employees are the elements most paramount to the success of your franchise. This applies to all geographic locations, so whether you’re googling “franchise for sale San Diego” or “franchises Brooklyn” prior to settling on a location, understand that the very nature of the position requires keeping a cool head and focusing on developing close relationships with the people spending time at your franchise.

Eyes on the Prize

Working long hours in less than optimal conditions has a way of wearing on you, especially if you have spent a considerable amount of money only to find yourself in this position. However, it is important to remember that this is only temporary and your investment will eventually pay off. A successful franchisee will maintain a positive outlook and view things in the long term, rather than letting the strain of the present moment influence their behavior.


In line with the previous attribute, maintaining a sense of optimism is essential for competent franchises. This is largely because a refined sense of optimism enables one to notice solutions and opportunities more readily than someone who is close minded and pessimistic.